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TLER: Time Limited Error Recovery

Dinse, Gregg (NIH/NIEHS) [C]

Does anyone know of a program that will allow me to check whether Time Limited Error Recovery (TLER) is enabled on my hard drives?  I guess it would be nice if it also allowed me to change the setting from enabled to disabled, or vice versa.

I'm a bit over my head here, but I heard that having TLER enabled is a good thing for drives in a RAID configuration.  Also, I read that having TLER enabled and not using the drive in a RAID is fine, but I have not heard anything about the reverse.  Is there a big downside to setting up a RAID with drives that do not have TLER enabled?

The reason I ask is that Best Buy often sells the Western Digital EasyStore 8-TB external drive fairly cheaply (today it's on sale for $149).  The first one I bought contained a Red drive, which is often recommended for RAID setups and supposedly has TLER enabled.  I bought several more, but they contained a Western Digital drive with a white label.  The model is slightly different (EMAZ versus EFAX) and I have heard conflicting reports about whether or not it is the same as a Red drive (and I don't know if TLER is enabled on the white label drive).

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



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